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3 Tips to Train Your Pet with an Underground Dog Fence

By February 15, 2023 No Comments
Underground Dog Fence Training Blog Post

There are two important factors when considering the installation of an underground dog fence/invisible fence system.  First is the fence and installer you choose and the second is how to train. The steps are simple and it doesn’t take very long, but it’s essential that it’s done by the pet owner correctly. We’ve researched the best methods and compiled three simple tips that will empower pet owners to train your pet with an underground dog fence effectively and efficiently so your fur friend is safe and secure on your property. 


A typical training session consists of two laps around your property, depending on the size. A dog’s attention span is fairly short, so don’t walk for laps and laps at a time or continue a training session for more than 20 minutes. After that timeframe, the dog is no longer learning anything.

Before, after or in the middle of a training session, take some time to play with your dog on the leash. If outdoor time is all about scary flags and corrections, it can be overwhelming and make your dog more nervous than they need to be. Throw a ball in the air or just lay in the grass and pet your dog to remind him that the yard is still a fun place.

Talk to your dog and praise them while you take your training laps. That will help keep your dog’s spirits up and make sure they don’t associate you with the corrections. It’s all about the flags!


If your dog gets nervous, that’s OK. It’s very normal for dogs to get a correction and want to head for the house. The main thing to do is keep walking. Don’t let your dog dictate when the training session ends. Walk fast so your dog has to work to keep up with you.

It’s especially important to play with your dog outside if they’re nervous. During training, and after training if the dog continues to be nervous, play with their favorite toy outside and spend as much time as possible out there with them. Give them treats and belly rubs, and even feed them meals outside. That will allow the dog to feel more secure and use the whole yard.


Put your dog’s collar on every morning and take it off every night before bed. You don’t want the dog to know what the collar means. If it’s part of their routine, they won’t associate it with the boundaries outside.

Get your family members and neighbors involved with training. You want to make sure all of your pet’s normal distractions are covered so you can trust them once they’re off-leash.

Let your dog get the correction! Your natural instinct is going to be wanting to save your dog from feeling the correction from the collar, but let them take that step past the flags to feel the correction. If they don’t feel the consequence of leaving the yard during training, they won’t stay in.

Our experts here at Northern Electrical can get you started on your journey to a safe and secure yard for your dog or pet.  Call us!   We can get your underground pet fence installed quickly and efficiently with limited disruption to your property.