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We Install Invisible Dog Fences

Installing an underground electric dog fence can be a pain, but it doesn’t have to be! We can easily install an invisible fence to conveniently keep your furry friend safe on up to 10 acres of land in any shape.

Starting at just $1295

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Easily Keep Your Dog Safe From Harm with an Underground Electronic Fence

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How Does an Invisible Fence Work?

Electronic dog fences are easy and reliable. These are not electrocuted physical fences, but wire laid under the ground. When a dog ventures past the wire, the collar on the dog will beep and emit an electric shock, and the dog now knows to stay in the designated area. The invisible dog fence prevents your best friend from getting hit by cars and running away from home.

Cover Up to 10 Acres of Land in Any Shape Without Obtrusive Fencing

With 500 ft. of 20-gauge wire, pets have plenty of space to run and play. And, you get to decide exactly where the boundaries are – making it much more useful than other dog fences that only allow a circular area.

Being underground, the eXtreme Dog Fence® is completely invisible after installation. It’s no longer necessary to wall up your entire property to keep your dog safe. Even with a physical fence, dogs can find their way under, over, or through, so an invisible fence is more reliable.

Fast Installation Without the Headache

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Our specialized equipment allows us to install your invisible fence quickly and without causing damage to your property. Other companies will tear up your land with heavy machinery and take days to install. We can lay cable into a small incision fast to minimize the disturbance to your lawn and landscaping. We can even install under driveways, sidewalks, and patios!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Invisible Fences Work Under Concrete?

Yes! Invisible fences work under concrete, asphalt, and gravel.

How Much Does an Invisible Fence Cost?

Starting at just $1295, invisible fences are much cheaper than wooden and chain link fences.

Fast • Easy • Pet Safe

Our eXtreme Dog Fence® Active Electric Dog Fence Kit comes with a transmitter that has high-tech features such as Temp & Wire Check and multiple frequency selection to avoid interference with neighboring dog fences. Its compact, lightweight collar is suitable for all dogs, except for the tiniest ones. Even very large dogs.

We think that eXtreme makes the best invisible dog fences available.

eXtreme Dog Fence® Kit Includes

  • 20-Gauge Wire (500 ft.)
  • Advanced Digital Transmitter
  • Waterproof Collar Receiver
  • 2 Waterproof Splice Kits
  • 50 Training Boundary Flags
  • Long and Medium Receiver Contacts
  • Medium Comfort Contact Covers
  • 1 Battery for Collar Receiver


  • Collar Receiver Box: 2″ x 1.25″, 3.4 oz
  • Collar Strap: Fits: 6″- 26″ neck sizes

Compatible Receiver Collars

  • eXtreme Dog Fence® Active Fence Collar (EAF-003)

The collar that is included with this eXtreme Dog Fence® Active in-ground fence system is powered by this battery:

  • Perimeter 6-Volt Battery (PTPRB-003) –The average life of this battery is 2-4 months.


  • Comes with a 5-year warranty.
Want even more durable wire and a surge protector? Ask us about the Pro-Grade Kit.
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eXtreme Dog Fence® Collar Features

Active Collar Features

Digital Frequency Encoding: The digital frequency encoding is a helpful feature if you think a neighbor may have an electric dog fence. This tech feature eliminates stray signal interference from neighboring dog fence systems.

Small & Lightweight: One of the lightest and smallest collars in the industry, the eXtreme Active Collar only weighs 1.1 ounces. This makes it a great choice for dogs weighing as little as 8 pounds. If you dog is smaller than that, the PetSafe Elite Little Dog system would be a good choice. It has a weaker correction strength as well as a tiny collar.

Comfort Contacts: The eXtreme Dog Fence collar comes with a set of contact points that are covered in a conductive rubber, known as Comfort Contacts™. They still allow the correction to be delivered through them. The difference is that the rubber is softer and therefore more comfortable for the dog. This makes our system ideal for dogs with sensitive skin.

7 Individual Correction Settings: In addition to 7 levels of correction, the eXtreme Dog Fence collar has a beep only mode that is used for training. Levels 1-5 are a steady correction, where levels 6 and 7 are progressive. A progressive level means the correction starts out low and ramps up to a higher level. The correction levels are set on the transmitter itself, as opposed to being set on the collar. As mentioned, the correction level on each collar can be set independently. This makes the eXtreme system ideal for multi-dog households that weigh 8 pounds or more.

Battery Check: Our patented battery check feature makes sure that you only change the battery when it is truly depleted. This feature auto-activates every 2 hours to ensure you know as soon as your battery has become low.

Fully Waterproof: There are no dials or buttons on the collar itself. This allows the collar to be truly waterproofed. In fact, it can be fully submersed and still function properly. Due to this feature, it makes an excellent choice for properties that have lakes, ponds or pools, or places that have a rainy climate.

Disposable Proprietary Battery: The eXtreme Collar runs on a proprietary battery that is disposable. This may be considered a drawback for those who prefer a rechargeable collar. However, because it is not rechargeable, it is nice that you don’t have to remember to recharge it every day. You can expect each battery to require changing every 3-4 months. Your collar will begin blinking about 1 week before the battery in the collar has completely depleted.

eXtreme Dog Fence® Transmitter Features


Multiple Frequencies: The multiple frequency selection is one of the standout features of the eXtreme Dog Fence® transmitter. This feature ensures that your dog fence will work without interruption, even if your neighbor has an electric dog fence as well.

Adjustable Boundary Zone: You are able to adjust the boundary zone width on the transmitter. This means that you are able to control how close your dog gets to the wire before receiving a correction. The boundary zone width adjustment of the eXtreme Dog Fence® is completely digital, so you are able to make precise adjustments.

Temp Check & Wire Check: The Temp Check feature on the eXtreme Dog Fence® means that the system automatically senses and adjusts for temperature and electrical changes that could affect the performance of your dog fence boundary wire. In extreme climates, this becomes really important. Its Wire Check feature means that the transmitter will audibly alert you if there is a break or inconsistency in your dog fence wire.

10 Acre Capacity: Our eXtreme Dog Fence® is capable of containing a property of 10 acres or less. This is enough for most situations, either in the country or the city.

Lacks Battery Backup: It should be noted that should the power go out, your dogs will be unprotected. This is because the system does not have a battery backup, in case of a power failure. Although the transmitter is very reliable, should the power go out, your fence will not be operational.