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7 FAQ: Invisible Dog Fence

By February 13, 2023 No Comments
Invisible Dog Fence Blog

It’s important to do your homework before buying an invisible dog fence. In this blog we answer eight frequently asked questions about underground dog fences and everything a pet owner should know about and before purchasing one.

1.Do Invisible Fence systems work to keep dogs in?

Electric dog fences only work as good as the time spent training your dog to understand its new boundaries. Properly learning the equipment and your training is important to ensure that your pet understands and stays within the established boundaries. 


2.How Does an Invisible Fence Work?

Electronic dog fences are easy and reliable. These are not electrocuted physical fences, but wire laid under the ground. When a dog ventures past the wire, the collar on the dog will beep and emit an electric shock, and the dog now knows to stay in the designated area. The invisible dog fence prevents your best friend from getting hit by cars and running away from home.


3.Are electric dog fences safe?

Our eXtreme Dog Fence® Active Electric Dog Fence are safe and humane. In fact, it is highly recommended by veterinarians, professional dog trainers, animal behaviorists and other pet experts. Many pets only feel the correction once or twice and don’t challenge the system afterwards.


4.Which is better, Traditional Fence or Invisible Dog Fencing?

There are several pros to invisible dog fencing compared to traditional fences. One reason people prefer invisible dog fencing is because it doesn’t change your landscape or aesthetic to your yard.

Not only is there no physical barrier, but it is also significantly cheaper than other regular fences. The upfront cost is more affordable and there isn’t as much upkeep. 

Plus, more and more neighborhoods are wanting to preserve the landscape and open environment, so your HOA may not allow a traditional fence. If your neighborhood prohibits fences, Invisible Fence may be a good alternative to letting your dogs roam freely and safely. 


5.What are the cons of hidden dog fences?

While invisible dog fencing keeps your pet contained within safe boundaries, it doesn’t prevent other animals from entering your yard. This is true – and potentially a con if you live in an area with predators or where there are aggressive breeds. 


However, predators can also scale traditional fences. Pet owners should always use their best judgment when leaving their pet unsupervised regardless of what type of fence you have installed.


6.Why should I choose eXtreme Dog Fence® Active Electric Dog Fence?

One of the collar features with eXtreme is the 7 Individual Correction Settings: In addition to 7 levels of correction, the eXtreme Dog Fence collar has a beep only mode that is used for training. Levels 1-5 are a steady correction, where levels 6 and 7 are progressive. A progressive level means the correction starts out low and ramps up to a higher level. 

The correction levels are set on the transmitter itself, as opposed to being set on the collar. As mentioned, the correction level on each collar can be set independently. This makes the eXtreme system ideal for multi-dog households that weigh 8 pounds or more.


There are Multiple Frequencies: The multiple frequency selection is one of the standout features of the eXtreme Dog Fence® transmitter. This feature ensures that your dog fence will work without interruption, even if your neighbor has an electric dog fence as well.


7.  What sets us apart from the rest?

Our specialized equipment allows us to install your invisible fence quickly and without causing damage to your property. Other companies will tear up your land with heavy machinery and take days to install. We can lay cable into a small incision fast to minimize the disturbance to your lawn and landscaping. We can even install under driveways, sidewalks, and patios!


Call our experts at Northern Electrical to get your invisible dog fence installed today!