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4 Tips For Amazing Landscape Lighting

By March 2, 2023 No Comments
4 Tips for Amazing Landscape Lighting Blog March 2023

Spring is on the horizon and with that comes more time spent outdoors, and really being able to enjoy your lighting system. It is vital to learn how to keep your system running properly throughout the season. Take a look at some of the best ways to ensure your lights look their best for years to come!

Tip # 1 Design your dream lighting scape.

If your home has minimal or no landscape lighting in place, not to worry!  We can help bring your dreams to reality.  What makes one house stand out from the others?  It’s often the remarkable effect of well-placed landscape lighting. Here is every need-to-know method for lighting up the night and making your home the talk of the neighborhood:

  • PATH LIGHTING – Path lighting is used to enhance dynamic landscaping elements such as flower beds, shrubbery and borders while safely illuminating pathways.

CREATING THIS EFFECT: Path lights are staggered around the walkway to create pools of light that illuminate a safe passage to the home’s entrance.

  • GRAZING – Grazing emphasizes a textured surface (such as a tree trunk, a stone wall, climbing ivy, etc.) by placing a landscape light source within one foot of that surface and aiming the light beam parallel to that surface.

CREATING THIS EFFECT: Spot lights are placed beneath each stone pillar to create dimension, complementing the home’s entryway.

  • WALL WASHING – Wall washing is a landscape lighting technique that refers to the general illumination of a wall or surface.

CREATING THIS EFFECT: Spot lights are placed along the front of the home to create a soft wash of light.

  • SHADOWING – Shadowing is an effect created by placing a landscape light source in front of an object and projecting a shadow onto a surface behind the object.

CREATING THIS EFFECT: Spot lights are placed directly in front of the tall bushes, producing shadows which are projected on the home’s face, creating an interesting and inviting façade.

  • UPLIGHTING – Uplighting is a landscape lighting technique that illuminates an area, surface or object from below to create a focal point in the landscape.

CREATING THIS EFFECT: A spot light is aimed at the tree in the foreground while the front of the home remains relatively dark.

  • SILHOUETTING – Also called backlighting, silhouetting is a landscape lighting technique used to dramatize an interesting shaped object.

CREATING THIS EFFECT: A spot light is placed between the tree and the front of the home. The spot light is aimed at the front of the home creating a dramatic silhouette of the tree.

  • STEP LIGHTING – Step and brick lights can be used in masonry and wood constructions. These landscape lighting fixtures are designed to safely illuminate stairways and walkways.

CREATING THIS EFFECT: The steps are gently illuminated leading up to the doorway to ensure safely. STRIDE RIGHT: Reduce the danger potential around your household by adding LED step lights to illuminate multi-level decks, entry steps, patios and wheel chair ramps.

  • DECK LIGHTING – Step, brick and hardscape lighting can be used in masonry and wood constructions. These fixtures are specifically designed to provide safety and accent lighting while creating a warm atmosphere.

CREATING THIS EFFECT: A surface mounted deck sconce is placed on the wall above each step to illuminate a safe entryway to the deck. A hardscape fixture under the bench, coupled with deck sconces mounted to the corner posts create a soft glow.

Once you have made your decision and design we can wire your property for whatever the lighting choice of your dreams consists of!

Tip #2 Check for any winter damage. 

Have existing landscape lighting installed?  When the ground is properly thawed, and no snow is on the ground, the beginning of spring is the best time to check your lighting system for any damage that occurred during the winter time. First steps will be to look for any fixtures in need of repair or burnt-out bulbs that require a replacement, then contact the Northern Electrical team immediately to have a service technician out for servicing. Our experts will be able to assess and diagnose the situation and promptly replace your damaged luminaires!


Tip #3 Avoid common landscaping mistakes.

Spring is a popular time to make improvements to your landscaping, but as work is accomplished on your property, it’s important to watch for some common landscaping mistakes that can prevent your lighting system from shining as bright as it should.  The laying of new mulch can fill in or bury nearby fixtures and obstruct the light from properly shining through. Accumulated plant debris on lenses can make your lights appear dim. Edging existing or new mulch beds may result in cuts to landscape lighting wire and keep your lighting system from functioning properly. All of these mishaps are things to be aware of when beginning a new landscaping project.

Tip # 4 Don’t be afraid to reach out for service!

At Northern Electrical, we take great pride in providing our customers with the best service possible. We work hard to be there for our customers in times of crisis with electrical problems and in times when service should be scheduled. With Spring almost in full swing, routine maintenance is the best way to ensure any lighting system keeps its beauty, functionality, and reliability for years to come.